Hush - Digital Background

Exposing The Deep Dark Secret About Cyber Attacks

Randy Duxbury Cybersecurity

The Colonial Pipeline is a prime example of a recent high-profile cyber attack that we all heard about, but for every one we see in the news there are 20 to 30 big cases happening behind the scenes that we don’t hear about. The subject is taboo, a deep dark secret. People are embarrassed or scared to share with the …

Phishing Season

It’s Officially Phishing Season – Don’t Get Caught Unprepared.

Randy Duxbury Cybersecurity, Security

Hackers are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic and ramping up their Phishing attacks. At the start of the pandemic, Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported blocking 18 million COVID-19 related phishing emails a day, along with 240 million COVID-related daily spam messages. Your greatest security vulnerability is human error, which accounts for 90% of all data breaches. Do you have a plan …


A Strong Cyber Security Strategy Is No Longer A Luxury

Randy Duxbury Cybersecurity, Security

Our world revolves around digital, now more than ever. The enormous amount of known and unknown cyber threats is enough to keep you up at night. Your networks, data centers, and endpoints are all at risk. We see the need to offer more than just physical security systems, because of this we have partnered with one of the leading cyber …

Facial Recognition Scan

100% No-Contact Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanning

Randy Duxbury Innovation, Security

The world has changed rapidly over the past couple of months. With safer-at-home orders being enforced across the state, country, and world, the way we do business has drastically changed making facial recognition & temperature scanning commonplace. As the country reopens, almost every aspect of how we do business is likely to change. One of the major concerns is the …

Employee Spotlight: Join us in celebrating Lois Fearing's 23 years of service!

Fearing’s Employee Spotlight: Lois Fearing

Doug Fearing Employee, Making a Difference

A Job Well Done! Join Us in Celebrating Lois Fearing’s 23 years of service! After dedicating 23 years of service and being second in command at Fearing’s Audio Video Security, as well as performing the accounting, HR, and other management duties, Lois Fearing is stepping away from her daily involvement in the company. One constant in the two decades of …

Video Conferencing Platforms

Video Conferencing Platforms to Connect Home and Business

Doug Fearing Audio, Audio/Video Design Build, Innovation, Video

Now more than ever, reliable Video Conferencing Platforms are essential! In the old days (about a month ago), working remotely was trending up, but it only accounted for a small percentage of the workforce. Only around 3.6% of American employees worked primarily from home in 2018. However, 41% of employees work for companies that don’t provide work-approved technologies. With access …

Trinity Gunshot Alarm System Logo

Making a Difference in Saving Lives

Doug Fearing Community, Innovation, Security

“Shots fired! We have an active shooter situation.” Those words can shake anyone to the core. Fortunately, there are technologies that can keep people safe and that’s exactly why Fearing’s AVS partners with Trinity Gunshot Alarm System in Baraboo. Once a gunshot is detected and confirmed, it takes less than a second for Trinity to identify where shots are fired, …

Employee Spotlight: Get to know Jake Smith, AV Design Engineer

Fearing’s Employee Spotlight: Jake Smith

Doug Fearing Audio/Video Design Build, Employee

Get to know the faces behind the hardworking team at Fearing’s Audio Video Security Fearing’s is full of talented experts who work to make your audio, video, and security dreams a reality. This month we are featuring Jake Smith, AV Design Engineer, from the Audio Video Division. Our AV Division is dedicated to helping sort through the maze of the …

Schools for Haiti gala invitation

Schools for Haiti Gala 2020 Countdown

Doug Fearing Charity, Making a Difference

We’re excited to announce this year’s Schools for Haiti Gala keynote speaker will be Dr. Sarah Ghee, COO & Vice President of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.  As email arrives in your inbox, Dr. Sarah will be touring Schools for Haiti and will share her experience on Haiti and the Schools. In addition, Milca Pierre, Managing Director …